Waiting Well

By: April Rains

I’ve really struggled over the last few weeks. Maybe it’s the product of 2020’s chaos that has somehow settled in or maybe it’s the unknown giving my “planner-self” a run for her money…but I just feel weighty. People I know and love are hurting. There are challenges in our home just like yours. I see all my failures and how I don’t measure up daily. My kids even ask to eat every single day…you know the drill. 

As I prayed today tears began to roll down my face, and I am not typically overcome with tears. I found myself so thankful and calling out the absolute truths in my life from a very deep place.  I was moved to look at the things I can do in this season over the things that I can’t. I was challenged to rest and wait on Him…those are hard scriptures…because I am actually more at home when I am busy “doing” instead of sitting in the stillness of the wait.

I don’t think I am alone in this.

I don’t think we learn how to “wait well” without intentionality.

I DO think we must learn what to do while we wait.

I don’t want to get caught waiting to do the things God has already told me to do in His Word. Things like love each other, be kind, help the widow, help the orphan, honor your parents, teach your kids, honor your spouse, give generously, tithe, pray, worship, come to God with thanksgiving, lean not on our own understanding…just to name a few.   

“Waiting well” is simply putting into practice what we know God is asking and somehow He shows us, in His time, what comes next.  For me,“waiting well” is recognizing lies that I have believed about myself, about others, about situations…and “waiting well” is learning to step up when it is difficult and be the first to do the things that are hard. When you feel vulnerable in awkward situations, when relationships aren’t easy, when ministry is weird…do the hard things. It’s hard to speak up. It’s hard to say I’m sorry. It’s hard to ask for clarity. It’s hard to stay disciplined.

Continuing through 2020 into the holidays…chances are most of us will still be in the midst of “waiting” on what comes next and that struggle is real…but I really want to “wait well” by doing the things I know to be true. Let’s think on the things that are good, right and pure. Let’s not let the chaos get the best of us, and on our toughest days, let’s ask the Holy Spirit to be our comfort. Let’s ask Him to help us be obedient to what scripture has asked and to do hard things while we wait.

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  1. Patricia Smith says:

    Love your writing. You are right waiting has been hardest. I have been down some because of holidays coming up it will be different this year. But we still are holding on. Love you guys a lot.